Tulip Subscription

Do you love tulips?

Do you wish spring was here? 

We are doing a tulip subscription again this year and are so excited about it!

Tulips are a sign of spring and who doesn’t need something fresh and lovely in their home this time of year. 

With the SEEDS Tulip Subscription, you will receive a 10 parrot tulip bundle, every other week on Fridays.

You can choose to start this week or next week.

If you would like a tulip bundle every week, simply complete the checkout for both subscription weeks!

Each week that you are receiving tulips, your payment method will be automatically charged on Wednesday.

We have changed our subscription management system, so please be patient with us as we complete this new endeavour! 

Start my Tulip Subscription on 1/20
Start my Tulip Subscription on 1/27