Meet Jacalyn

My name is Jacalyn and I am the owner and founder of SEEDS Flower Shop.

I never thought i would to be a florist, much less dreamed of owning a flower shop. However, I did dream of owning my own business. After growing up here, and moving away for several years, our young family moved back to Pincher Creek. I realized that my boys would all be in school within a couple of years and I would be bored out of my mind without something of my own to pursue. 

I have always loved flowers, but not really the whole red roses, traditional type of flowers. I saw all these amazing flowers online and wondered, why don’t we have those in Canada?? 

I called a wholesale flower market and learned that they had much more available than just the traditional blooms, but I had to have a business. And that is how SEEDS flower shop started! In 2016 I opened the doors.

When I chose the name, I chose SEEDS flower shop because when giving flowers, you are sowing a seed of kindness! 

After my first box of goodies from the wholesale market, Google got my floral education started really quick and I started selling flowers at the local farmers market. The coming weeks brought an uphill climb from learning all the flower names to a crash course in business! I did the market on Fridays and orders during the week. The leftover flowers were wrapped into bundles for other local businesses on Main Street.

Soon it was time for a storefront. After quickly finding the right spot, we started renovations right away and by December 2 we were open for business. 

It has been a learning curve since then, but I wouldn’t change a thing! The planning, research and taking classes to learn new things has become my passion. I love working with flowers and the challenge of figuring things out!

At SEEDS my goal is to continually strive for better and I can’t wait to work on what my customers dream up next! I love serving this community and those in the surrounding area. Stop by anytime.